November Bloom: "A Celestial GDP Report"

Many thanks to Joyce J., Cynthia I., and Denise B. for submitting a good deed experience that inspired me to write this month’s Blooming Good flash fiction piece. Below are excerpts from the three Idea Igniters:

1) “I thought of you the other day. So I stopped the local independent bookstore and bought a book. I asked the cashier to keep it and give it to a kid who would love it. She said sure and asked why. I said it’s just a tiny pay-it-forward in honor of my amazing friend.”

2) “She then turns around and says she is paying for our items, that it was a secret Santa and someone did it for them. Now they were doing it for us. The deal was for us to keep the chain going and do the same next year.”

3) “When we were checking out of the hotel after our wedding events, much to my surprise, the clerk said there was no balance. The rooms, reception and all expenses had been covered. To this day, no one has admitted paying for it. What an act of generosity and kindness for which I am forever grateful.”

A Celestial GDP Report


Earth’s situation steered toward disaster in 2021. People fought pandemic versions 1.0 and 2.0. They sparred politically and physically across the globe. Despite earth’s chaos and consternation, the universe’s Celestial Oversight Body found uplifting trends for its upcoming Good Deeds Production (GDP) report.

The Body’s appointed team of Celestial Spotters (sometimes referred to on earth as Angels, Malaikah, Mal’ach, or other ethereal being) had observed an uptick in positive deeds on its recent voyage to the United States. They collected statistically significant data for the Celestial Oversight Body’s quarterly meeting and shared some stories driving the numbers.

In a Midwest children’s bookstore, the Celestial Spotters watched a patron learn at check out that customers before her had purchased ten books in her honor. They’d told the bookstore staff “she’s done so much to support young readers, please distribute these books to them- we’ve bought in her name.”

In an east coast city, the Celestial Spotters watched an incident in a toy store checkout line. A couple became frustrated with the time it took for the person in front of them to pay up, bag up, and move on. The couple’s pre-school children fussed in the shopping cart filled with toys. Finally, when it was their turn, the cashier said, “the customer before you paid for your items.” Before the shocked couple could speak, she continued. ‘Happy Holidays,’ he said to tell you.

Down south, the Celestial Spotters watched a newly wedded couple struggling to figure out who secretly paid the full hotel lodging and food tab for the wedding party and thirty guests. The couple had saved for over a year to cover the event. “Everyone, these GDP numbers look very good. Let’s hope earth can keep it up,” and with that, the Chair of the Celestial Oversight Body proceedings ended the meeting.