My Writing Journey

I try to combine Wit, Grit, and Grace to uplift ‘common good’ through creative fiction and non-fiction works inspired by life experiences. My passion for writing sprung from secret diaries, short stories, and school assignments while growing up in New York City and spending summers in rural New England. 

My early career in television journalism allowed for writing three-minute stories and corroboration with three sources was expected. As a documentary producer, I tackled complex topics that remained with me beyond airtime. The sometimes tough subjects I covered moved me to shift from journalism to leadership roles with non-profit organizations focused on improving lives. I tackled topics I had covered like housing, health, and civic engagement.

I strive to stir readers’ reflection and joy on the Blooming Good page featuring my flash fiction stories inspired by good deeds.  My website subscribers get to send in good deed experiences that might inspire my next story.  I sincerely hope that you’ll sign up below so you can share yours and follow my writing journey.


Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Check out my guest post - "Three Books from Childhood that Inspired Me to Write" about some of the books from my childhood that strengthened my self-respect and later swayed my work choices.

Gray Love

Thrilled to share that I contributed a chapter to "Gray Love"- an anthology about dating and new relationships after 60. My story, titled 'Date, Marry, Repeat' chronicles my journey to happily remarrying in 2022.

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Blooming Good Writing

Stacey Parkins Millett now pursues creative writing and non-profit consulting passions after full-time work in philanthropy, health equity, and community development.

Her early journalism career with CBS and PBS TV stations in Pennsylvania involved writing news stories and documentaries. She shifted gears to leadership roles in community development and grantmaking in hopes of advancing the common good but kept writing on the back burner.

Stacey has run sixty marathons, practices Yoga, and relishes swing dancing. She grew up on New York City’s Lower East Side and lives between her childhood home and Asheville, North Carolina.